Сорхугтани Бэхи Хатан ТББ – Sorkhugtani Bekhi Khatan (Queen Soyo)



Welcome to our website.

I wish good health and good life and all good things to all of you Mongolians who live overseas. We are living in free and democratic global areas where many Mongolians work and study.

Many Mongolian women are married to foreigners and their children are growing and being educated globally.  Mongolian descendents are living all over the world. I believe that it is my calling from God to organize Soyo Queen NGO for all Mongolians overseas.

Our organization is to support Mongolians married to foreigners and to form a “Soyo Mongolian Network” for them and to provide them with professional and practical life teaching seminars, trainings and counseling.

I wish all of you peace, prosperity and blessing of God upon your life. I deeply appreciate all persons and organizations that are willing to work with us.

Thank you, God bless you

Uranbileg Purev (D.Min, M.MeD.Sc)

President of Sorkhugtani Bekhi Khatan (Queen Soyo) NGO.


2 хариулт to “English”

  1. sakmox said

    Good luck for my sister! You can!
    God bless you

  2. sorkhug said

    Thank you so much. God bless you richly.

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